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King Street Apartments  

the Right Choice for your son or daughter!

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For many young adults, a productive college career can be the foundation for lifelong success. There will be no greater contributor to your son or daughter’s academic success than the environment in which he/she lives. Our carefully-designed apartments are the perfect “next step” for your child as they move off-campus and transition to independent, responsible adult living. At King Street Apartments we provide students with the ideal location and environment to succeed personally, academically, and socially. 


My wife and I are the owners and managers of all King Street properties. I am a dentist here in Boone and my wife, Phyllis, is your contact for all rental needs. Her office is conveniently located in my dental office. With two kids in college we strive to offer both what parents and students want in college living.



All of our properties are located a quick 2 minutes from class.  You will not be waiting outside for the bus or paying extra for on campus parking.




King Street apartments and houses are priced very reasonably, making them a tremendous value in terms of safety, security, quiet comfort, and location. You can rent an apartment now for the 2022-2023 school year from $585 to $700/person a month.



At King Street apartments and houses, we're always on duty. Our apartments are maintained by a professional staff experienced and skilled in addressing all of your student’s needs. At King Street Apartments our staff is proactive and responsive to any maintenance concerns you and your child may have. If the tenants need help with anything, they know we are only a phone call, text, or email away. All maintenance requests are given immediate attention. We take pride in our reputation among the ASU student body for our exceptional maintenance record. We encourage you and your son or daughter to ask the current residents of King Street Apartments how quickly and thoroughly we respond to any and all maintenance and repair issues. We don’t wait for tenants to call. We implement a year-round program of scheduled preventative maintenance to do our best to solve issues before they become problems.



Each year King Street Apartments rent in the fall for move-in dates August to August of the following year. Because of our popularity and value, all of our apartments are usually rented early. All you need to do to rent is to submit the Residential Rental Contract signed by all roommates and a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. We offer the option of putting down a fully-creditable non-refundable deposit of $500 which guarantees to hold the apartment for 10 days while the remainder of the security deposit is assembled. 


To ease your decision-making process, we do property showings and enjoy meeting all of our tenants.

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